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Furlboom Revolutionizes Mainsail Handling With an Innovative In-Boom Mainsail Furling and Reefing System

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Furlboom, the high performance in-boom mainsail furling and reefing system developed in Australia is changing the sailing experience for boat owners world-wide.

The system's state-of-the-art design offers sailors a simple, safe and efficient way of mainsail handling that doesn't compromise performance. The boom's design maintains proper sail shape under varying weather conditions. Its automated feature allows operation from the cockpit requiring fewer crew and allowing more time for leisurely sailing. In contrast to slab reefing, Furlboom flattens the sail as it furls enabling a proficient and fast reefing operation.

Furlboom can be easily retrofitted to existing yachts from 30-60 feet. The drive assembly, made of durable stainless steel and bronze, is sealed in its own housing protecting components from corrosion.

"Not only has the Furlboom system outperformed traditional furling systems, its affordable price and retrofitting capabilities make it a 'must have'," said Brian Smith of YSA. "Years of research have finally paid off. Yachtsman now have a mainsail furling system option that is safe, efficient, and that doesn't compromise a normal mainsail's performance features."

Furlboom was developed and introduced to the sailing market in 1997 by Prestige Yachting Systems of Australia. Furlboom was manufactured and distributed in North America exclusively by YSA (YSA Furling Systems, LLC) of Costa Mesa, CA until 2014

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