Drive Assembly:  A chain drive gearbox controls the raising, reefing, and lowering of the mainsail.  It is operated by three control lines (the halyard, a furling line, and a ratchet lock release line).  The sail is raised in a traditional fashion by the halyard.  The furling line is rolled into the rope drive while the sail is being raised (like a head sail furler).  An internal ratchet provides tension on the luff at all times. The sail is furled and reefed by withdrawing the furling line.    

  Drive Assembly Operation - click on the images below for an enlarged view

The chain driven assembly allows the rope drive and all other hardware to be installed in back of the mast avoiding the need to drill trough the mast.  The furling line is coiled onto the drum spindle when the sail is raised.    Furling and reefing the sail is achieved by winching the furling line, uncoiling it from the spindle.  The chain drive gearbox transfers the rotation to the mandrel which is connected to the foot of the sail.  The sail rolls onto the mandrel inside the boom housing. 


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